Need a writer? Hey, that's me!


I’m Lorna, freelance writer for hire.

What kind of expert do you need?
  • Medical
  • Health – I have a Master of Science degree and have been an avid runner, yogi, and cyclist for years.
  • Parenting – I’m mom to one turbocharged little boy and a bit obsessive about following parenting trends, tips, and articles.
Why me?
  • I’m all about the details. I take the time to learn about you, understand your needs, and deliver customized content.
  • I’m a breeze to work with! I’m an easygoing person who is eager to please. 
  • I produce quality content that keeps your readers reading…and coming back for more.

Want to know a little more?

  • I’m a married mom to both a tornado of a preschooler and a slothful greyhound. 
  • I studied creative writing as an undergraduate and tutored college students in English grammar, spelling, and writing.
  • I believe that laughter really is the best medicine.

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